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  1. I think i used the other one because it also worked to make poke shiny
  2. I used batch editing to make them all shiny. They are all legit pokes. Before pkhex was updated i attempted to get a square shiny pokemon and even afther over 3 full boxes trying i couldn't but then when i updated suddenly every pokemon got square.
  3. The pokes were not flagged as fateful encounter so not event pokes. I'm talking about over 900pokes being square shiny
  4. I'm transfering from Ultra moon. The first time i transfered all my pokes were stars. Then a while later i updated Pkhex and did a new transfer and suddenly all my pokes got square shiny. I thought i was just lucky but then i tested many boxes and all were square. I informed a friend and he also suddenly got square shiny's. But now it does not anymore. Maybe something changed in swsh or HOME itself then i guess.
  5. Weird because it was afther an update of pkhex a while ago suddenly transfered pokes became square when transfered the same for other people i know. Before the update they all got star.
  6. Hi, since a few updates ago pokemons you made with pkhex with the 3ds games automatic got square shiny afther transfering from bank to home. Since the last update of pkhex i noticed this is not the case anymore. All my pokemons i transfered a while ago from bank to home that i made with pkhex all have square shiny. But since the last pkhex update this is not the case. Sometimes the pokemons are star shiny instead of square shiny.
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