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  1. When I try to use the database feature, PKHeX fails to actually load anything. It is just stuck on "Loading...", as shown in the attached image. It doesn't matter whether I have a save file loaded, or if there is anything actually in the pkmdb folder (I tried renaming my pkmdb folder, and creating a new, empty one), it will always be stuck. Is this a bug, or have I somehow broken something?
  2. So I was trying around with Luma's locale emulation feature, since I wanted to be able to inject japanese wondercards and have the resulting event pokemon be legal. I've attached a screenshot of the save opened in PKHeX and my question is if event pokemon redeemed on that save (as long as the locale emulation stays active) will be legal. I can upload the entire save if that is needed.
  3. Well that was my issue. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, so I was rng abusing Mew on japanese emerald on emulator, and since I wanted to use my TID as seed, I also used warp codes to warp to the battle frontier early and some stuff like that. I used PKHeX to be able to use the ferry to get to faraway island, to catch Mew there. When looking at the save with PKHeX, it says that the Mew is legal (which is also my goal), and it also is obedient when using it in battle. However, when I try to trade it to a different save file, it says "That pokemon can't be traded now" (or the japanese version of it). The same goes for navel rock Lugia and Ho-Oh. For Lugia and Ho-Oh this isn't much of an issue, since I can just pal park them with Desmume and trade them in gen4. However I wanted to send my Mews to XD: Gale of Darkness, in order to teach them Fake Out and Hypnosis, which Mew can't learn otherwise. Is there something I can do to "convince" Emerald to let me trade them or is my best bet to just use PKHeX for transferring as well? Any help is appreciated
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