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  1. I want to RNG a stationary but there's a wandering trainer, so I'd love to be able to rebattle him.
  2. Oh, okay. So in other words, if I use the appropriate program to find my pair of PID and the other data that belongs to that (nature, shininess, gender, IVs etc.) and PKHeX is also cool with it, a Colosseum Pokemon is, while illegitimate, not distuingishable as such? Also is the initial seed in Eligor at all relevant if I'm editing it in PKHeX anyways?
  3. Oh, maybe I was unclear before, I apologize. I know it'd be legal and all. However, I used to be on a Pokemon forum where they offered legality checks, and I know that some Pokemon that would check as legal in PKHeX would be, in lack of a better term, "found out". I don't have any intention of trading this away (It's gonna be my ribbon master!), but I would like it to remain looking like a legitimate Pokemon in the future just in case the game's hackchecks improve to the point of actual people looking through a specific mon? Does that make sense?
  4. I mostly want to make sure if those ever become improved in the future, as I'd like to keep bringing this with me in the future. I know some people can check Pokemon very thoroughly (not GF, but rather editors/tool makers) and I was wondering if a Pokemon as described above would be recognized as edited?
  5. Okay, so JUUUST to be sure: In Eligor, I pick the Pokemon, put in my TID and SID, enable ID matching, enter everything else I want. (In my case, I want a shiny adamant Absol and don't care for IVs, so I pick those thing and leave IV blank). Now I can copy these PIDs and IVs that Eligor generates and put them onto the template Absol (which is a legit Colosseum Absol) in PKHeX, and if PKHeX at this point says it's legal, then it is indistuingishable from a legitimate shiny adamanant Absol from that game? No way the game(s) in the future or if someone somehow checked its data it'd look edited? (Sorry, I'm a little new to all of this, just wanna make sure)
  6. It's the tool linked in this thread: I figured cross-checking legitimacy would be helpful.
  7. I tried this as well now. When I generate PID profiles in Eligor and enter the PID and IVs into celebitest, it once more says they're illegal. Is celebitest just broken?
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding Colosseum Pokemon. I used rngreporter to find the PID for a shiny shadow Pokemon and its corresponding IVs. I then checked those IVs with the PID in Pokegc.exe/celebitest to make sure it comes out okay there, too. However, it said the PID/IV combination is illegal. When I input the IVs as desired IVs instead, and let the program suggest nature/PID pairings FOR those IVs, it gave me the very same nature and IV I had already used previously. Why is this? Does this mean it's all legal, and the program's just having a hiccup?
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