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  1. I caught this Staryu which marked illegal I caught it from Training Lowlands and it's wandering I have two save files that marked it illegal one with zero badges (fresh start) level 14 and the other one is a completed base game story level 60. My PKHeX version is (d-20200623). Staryu level 14.pk8 Staryu level 60.pk8
  2. Aruxi

    Illegal Staryu bug

    I have this Staryu which is mark Illegal for some reason I caught it from Training Lowlands.
  3. Thanks for the help Slayer.
  4. Jolly Nature, did not touch ability (Gorilla Tactics). Btw saw one of your comments from other post same problem is this a bug from PKHeX that hasn't been fix yet?
  5. When I first caught it as Darumaka at Wild Area it was legal I only change the nature it was still legal after it evolved it became illegal I don't know how it happen did not touch a thing except nature.
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