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  1. Oh i see, so i can use normally if i dont trade online and battle online and continue in offline game right? so this cant glitch the game? right?
  2. I was thinking... if i use pkhex to use darkrai in the start of the game will have a problem? save will be corrupted? (i dont care for online battles and trades i just play offline xD)
  3. alright dude i only use pkhex for trade pokemons with friends and evolve kadabra haunter this things xD
  4. Thank you a lot friend, you help me so much i finally test what i wanted :3 one question, this save is probaly bug because i am doing the trial with already normalium z, but this isnt wil corrupt my game right? only the save? i will use other save to play this game anyway xD
  5. Of course Here is, in this save i already complete the first trial, you can make this before? main [Sakamoto (US) - 201909101431].bak
  6. Hey i need a save before the first trial in pokemon ultra sun for testing something, if someone can help me i will be very happy :^)
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