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  1. Hey guys! I recently lost access to my Soundhax 3ds, and I was hoping that one of you could make me a Shiny Jolly Necrozma genned from the latest Japanese event. Thanks in advance! My friend code is 3712-2090-1108.
  2. Is there a specific board I should request the trade from, or just reply to the wonder card upload thread? (thanks so much, you've been so helpful!)
  3. Aww, that's a shame, my 3DS is NA. Is there a place on this forum to request someone with a Japan region 3DS to redeem the event for me and trade it to me?
  4. I purchased this package yesterday in order to redeem the Golden Backpack code without buying the Double Pack. Now that the Shiny Necrozma event is being sent via the Secret Club (which my code for should be arriving soon), would I be able to redeem this event on my US/English Ultra Sun digital copy?
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