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  1. I finally made it work, I just turned off the cheats with the edited PKhex save file and is now working! THANKS! I wonder if I turned on cheats with a PKhex save dont know if will still be corrupted
  2. here is my save file main Im currently using AR cheats i found on the internet right now, don't know if it affected PKhex in some ways whenever I load my game without main, it resets the game to the beginning and creating another main file
  3. renamed it to main and still not working
  4. here is the Citra save file location with the file Here is how i save it by using export main my PKhex Settings and the error
  5. HI! thanks for all your hard work to PKHex! but i was just wondering why I couldn't load my save file when im using PKHex on Pokemon X, whenever i try to use PKHex, edit some items and pokemon then save it it keeps on telling that the save file is corrupted, even though Iv'ed followed all the instructions like saving the file as main. and using export main option from the program then overwrite it, I tried it so many times and it just wouldn't work, I hope you guys could help me. Thanks
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