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  1. I was hoping someone could help me out with editing sprites in B/W (1+2) and Platinum. I've been desperate to pick up these titles, but I prefer to play them in a Mystery Dungeon style where I play as Lucario. I've achieved this through action replay in Soul Silver, but I've afraid there is no Lucario AR code in all of the other games I want to play. (Though frustratingly, there is very few Pokemon AR codes that can work and Lucario is NOT among them!) I've seen tutorials on sprite editing in all of these titles which require editing the sprites by hand and I have prior experience using Pkmn ROM hacking tools so I have no problem there. My issue is creating a copying the Lucario sprite from SS and putting it over the male trainer in a way that aligns each frame aligned to each cell. I imagine you can't copy paste directly, as the trainer has more frames then the simple Lucario one foot forward one foot back animation that plays on loop. Anyone got any pointers and tips I might use to create these sprite hacks to swap? Here's a screenshot of my only game with the AR code showcasing the Lucario I want to use. It is SS w/ widescreen hack:
  2. This is absolutely without a doubt the best HG/SS mod I've ever seen to date!
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