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  1. So, do you think i must start with the translator first??
  2. As i sad in my final words, this project i have in mind is ALSO to my final school Project, and yes, in my couse i lern C#, database conn(will lern this year), PHP/HTML/AJAX/JAVASCRIPT, and yes, in my last intership i build a actual funcional site to them, sutch as in school,(im working in a little webapp too!!! For Helping on PK Rom translate ). In actual fase you can allready put data in it, and will be translated, but is FAR FAR way of being completed XD Section 0, related to Trainers info, this sector dosnt exist in GameSave A, and is in last place on B
  3. (SORRY MANS, i cant post this few last days because my laptop`s charger brokedown, and i spend this days fixing it...) After more then a week searching about it, and after doing a LOT of experiments in allmost all of the possible Ways, I have only one thing to say... "Ladies and gentlemen, WE GOT IT" I found the Money Amount Location... As well as the Security Key... TRY TRY TRY and then remenber that the Hex values are "twisted", finaly find out how to REVEAL THE MONEY, (sutch as other things, i can now MOD almost anything related with Trainers data, Pokemon Party and so on...) After that i compare with values in the Save Editer... Im trying to figure out how to transform the value i want to Hex... but Thats it... finaly understood how game save file is ordened: Gamesave A: 13 SECTIONS(data), EATCH ON WITH == FOOTER, then SECID/CHECKSUM/SAVEINDEX Gamesave B: EXACTLY the same Hall of Fame Mystery Gift Recorder battle BUT I HAVE A QUESTION.... 1st - WHY IN THE WORLD is SEC00 in LAST PLACE on gamesave B, and Simply doesnt exists at all on gamesave A; 2st - I dont understend allready the Pokedex Indexes so... HELP And thats it... Now i can reveal my secret Plan to DOMINATE THE WOR, i mean help and evo POKE.COM... My plan is to Build an Website that brings back to life ALL the EMOTION of play old pokemon Gens... A site wen you can upload you save, compare yours stats whit your friends, change items with eatch other AND BELEVE OR NOT.... TRADE YOUR POKEMON WITH PEOPLE ALL ARROUND THE WORLD, AND BATTLE JUST LIKE WE DO WEN WE ARE KINDS!!!!!!(unfortunly i didnt have GBA wen i was young, i only got it wen nintendo GameBoy was descontinued, so... WERE IS MY CHILDHOOD ;-;) Also this Project of mine will by used as Final Project in school so, LETS END IT WITH GOLDEN KEY!!! And thats all, Thank you for all your effort and patince, and lets move out
  4. Hello again guys, im having a bad time undestanding the table on Section Format... I now, all the info in front of my face and i cant find it :/. Here says that eatch sector haves 3968 bytes of lentgh, but on the table it says that, for ex, ID sec have 2 lentgh?? Once more sorry for my Dummyness XD,
  5. But how do i locate this values?? I read on https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Save_data_structure_in_Generation_III#Security_key that this values have a protection?? how do i pass throw it??
  6. Hello good Afternoon, im trying to learn how to Hex editing using my Pokemon Emerald save, and i cant find specific values sutch as money amount and others. im using HxD for this, and even i know the basics about Hexadecimal (hard times when i study it at school), its being dificult to me undestand this now on practice... thanks for the help
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