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  1. i just have the default windows protection whatever. i haven't had any real software for quite a few years
  2. I added the executable, the .dll and the containing directory to my exclusions, but it still wasn't able to write files. Turning off my virus protection let it save though, so i guess for now i'll just have to turn that off whenever i want to use pkhex . thanks for the help!
  3. Oh you know what, yeah that's that's probably it i had to disable it temporarily to download RNGreporter, and it did say that it would automatically turn itself back on after a time so it probably turned itself back on. i'll do that
  4. I downloaded pkhex last night to edit Soul Silver. At first, I was unable to save anything because of an "Access Denied" error. So I deleted pkhex, redownloaded, and I checked the "Unblock" box on the file's properties before extracting again. Then it worked, and I was able to save my changes. However, today I tried to make some more changes, and I was again greeted with the "Access Denied" message I tried to save to the desktop rather than the extracted folder, but instead I got an error that the file didn't exist. I tried again to delete, Unblock, and open the file, and I still couldn't save. I ran the executable as an administrator and still encountered the same issues. Is there another action that I can take to try to fix this?
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