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  1. unfortunately yeah. Game looks/runs so good with those options on tho
  2. The two .ini files are identical other than these 3D and Video settings Renderer=2 HighResolutionInterpolateColor=1 EnableEdgeMark=1 EnableFog=1 EnableTexture=1 ZeldaShadowDepthHack=0 EnableLineHack=1 EnableAntiAliasing=1 EnableTXTHack=0 [Video] Window Rotate=0 Filter=8 Width=512 Height=768 FPS Scaler Index=5 Window Size=0 Window width=512 Window height=768 WindowPosX=202 WindowPosY=118 Display Method Filter=1 Display Method=3 Window Rotate Set=0 This is what they look like in the new .ini file which works [3D] Renderer=2 [Video] Window Rotate=0 Filter=0 Width=256 Height=384
  3. To anyone looking in this forum for answers to this problem. I changed the new desmume.ini file's graphical/video settings to something different and the solution above no longer works. There arent any other differences which is unfortunate because the game runs/looks like shit without the different graphical settings.
  4. Yup, after repeating those steps with a new desmume.ini file it allows me to continue the game and edit the file in PKHex. I'm gonna go through and see which settings are different.
  5. Aw man i was hoping to avoid deleting desmume.ini because I have a bunch of settings on that I prefer. I'll make a copy of mine in a different folder and then delete the original to see if your process works then. Thanks anyway for trying to help me out again.
  6. No, all the ROMs and emulators are in a regular folder on my desktop.
  7. nope, it doesnt. It puts me back into the beginning professor oak dialogue. Also, when I save in-game it only takes like half a second so it might not be saving correctly or something idk.
  8. Okay I repeated this whole process without save states and deleted any states or .dsv files beforehand. When I soft-reset after saving in-game twice, it puts me back into the beginning prof. oak dialogue, here is the .dsv file anyway. Pokemon Platinum.dsv
  9. Sorry didnt see that post for a sec, here is the .sav after following your steps. platinum SAV.sav
  10. This is the file after saving in-game twice. Pokemon Platinum.dsv
  11. That save I linked you is brand new from right now after I saved in game 3 times. When the game pauses to save it only took like half a second which leads me to believe it's not actually saving the game or something.
  12. So im trying to open the .dsv in PKHex and it is giving me the error that the file is too large. Also when I close Desmume and open it again, the ROM willl start a "new" pokemon game from the professor oak screen and wont let me continue. edit: I also read through this forum post again and made sure i followed your steps Pokemon Platinum.dsv
  13. Hey man, sorry to bother you about this same issue but I'm trying the same thing and this .dsv file just refuses to work. I've tried deleting the save file in .\battery and re-saving in-game but it wont load the save in game to let me press continue. Do you have any ideas of what to try? Edit: It seems to be making a new .dsv save everytime I launch the game and replacing the old one instead of loading the old one
  14. okay perfect, all i wanted was a shiny perfect IV piplup to start off the game. Thanks for your help
  15. okay, thank you. I got it to work. If i want to edit anything else would I just edit that .dsv file?
  16. 1. im on version .9.11 of desmume 2. It is loading on my PKHeX now 3. I just got my first pokemon and havent set up the PC yet, Havent used any cheats whatsoever my issue is that the game doesnt load the save file automatically
  17. my auto detect savetype setting is the same as yours and I saved ingame multiple times
  18. I opened the ROM and it starts up like a completely new game. Cant press continue Pokemon Platinum - Copy.dsv
  19. okay, closed the emulator and a new .dsv showed up, I can edit it in pokegen (not in PKHex) but I'm not sure how to load the .dsv file after it's edited
  20. I saved ingame and then looked in my desmume file and there is no file named "Saves" only a "States" file that didnt have anything added to it?
  21. I'm using DeSmuME and if I save the state of the game, it saves as a .dst, but if I export the backup memory, it saves as a .sav that is 512 KB. PKHex wont even open the file and pokegen will open it but wont show the pokemon on the save file.
  22. I have saved the state as a .dst and PKHex wont open it because it say the file is too large I have exported the backup memory to a .sav file and that wont open saying the file is either an unsupported file type or too large Nothing works and I'd like to make the program work. Any help is appreciated PS. Pokegen does not work for me either, instead of saving the save state file, it saves to a useless .dmp file
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