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  1. Well, i think i can try to do it... i hope it works. Thank you for the assistance
  2. Well, i've already tried that (Using the tool to make the illegal turn into an "original from the event"), but still, it cannot be trade What else do you think i can try?
  3. The problem is that i want to pass it to my friend. And if someone could edit it enough to use wonder trade with it, so i should be capable, too. And, i suppose i can do it with PKHeX, and ask for some help here because it doesn't goes against the rules. With that another explanation, can you help me?
  4. Well, hi there! I've been using PKHeX for a while, but there's a problem that i simply can't solve, and i've decided that i could ask for some help here (if i should make this a thread or another thing, i'm sorry, i'm not used to make use of any kind of forum). So... for some reason, in the last few weeks, i received 2 Arceus and a Shiny Celebi in the Wonder Trade. But, when i try to give one of the Arceus to my friend, it says that it is way too mythical (and when i try to change some things, it says that i can't because there's something wrong with it). What can i do to change it? I can't pass it through the tool (he doesn't have an 3ds with Save Manager, neither CFW) and we can trade any other pokémon normally
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