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  1. Update: It fixed the issues but now opening the bag in PKHeX moves items like Full Restore and Max Revives to HMs and TMs pouch
  2. Sweet. Thank you all for your work!
  3. The new version has a problem handling the Gen 6 bag. It removes items that are in ORAS but not in XY. These items are the ones specifically introduced in ORAS such as the new mega stones, mach/acro bike, contest pass just to name a few. I first came across this problem editing an Omega Ruby file. I tried this both on an Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to check if it may be and issue with the save file itself but it gives me and error on both. It gives me the following error: "The following items have been removed from the items pouch. If you save the changes, the items will no longer be in the pouch." Then it proceeds to name items like Pidgeotite, Metagrossite, HM06, Wailmer Pail, and Go-Goggles. These aren't all the items listed. Yes, I've tried PKHeX with other versions (XY, BW, USUM) but I don't have any issues with the bag. Yes, I also dug up a much older version fo PKHeX to handle ORAS files and it did not give me the same bag errors as the recent version of PKHeX does.
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