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  1. Thancks for the video, I did used SEASOR but I missed the doble corruption step, I'll check the video and thanks again
  2. Ir doesn't obey me, but I can't use editing tools nor cheat codes because it's an original gba rom or cartuge, and how do I glitzerpop another ensuring it has the flag?
  3. Yes, I've already transferd some hoenn pokemon to my leaf green
  4. Hi, I'm new here so first of all greetings to all the comunity, and now to the topic, I have a doubt/problem, in my original gba game of emerald I 've got a mew by pomeg glitch and I'm trying to transfer it to my also original gba game of leaf green but when i try to transfer it it says "This pokemon can't be transferd now" so my question is what can I do to transfer it Thanks for your attention Atte ArticMilotic
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