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  1. Thancks for the video, I did used SEASOR but I missed the doble corruption step, I'll check the video and thanks again
  2. Ir doesn't obey me, but I can't use editing tools nor cheat codes because it's an original gba rom or cartuge, and how do I glitzerpop another ensuring it has the flag?
  3. Hi, I'm new here so first of all greetings to all the comunity, and now to the topic, I have a doubt/problem, in my original gba game of emerald I 've got a mew by pomeg glitch and I'm trying to transfer it to my also original gba game of leaf green but when i try to transfer it it says "This pokemon can't be transferd now" so my question is what can I do to transfer it Thanks for your attention Atte ArticMilotic
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