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  1. I have FW 11.10.0-43U I understand its just some people don't really explain it that well and skip steps which loses some people when downloading homebrew or any other software But thank you so much for your help it was really needed
  2. so I tired all the sites and the versions to download and mine does not show up. it seems that I have a new version installed on my 3ds which makes no sense cause I haven't touch it in a year without me knowing so I'm sure that's what's causing all the problems to not download homebrew and the other sites.
  3. so I will need save manager and homebrew just to get pkhex to work correct ??
  4. so I just follow the steps which is I go to pkhex and go to file. I have my 3ds sm card onto my laptop and click all the steps you will see on any YouTube video till I hit title on the folders. I select 00040000 > 000c9b00> data and select 000000001 other vids I see will show main but none of my file have that and I spent 2 hours doing this already 00000001.sav
  5. Hey everyone I need help, I'm having trouble loading my Pokémon moon to PKHeX and the message keeps appearing. I have the latest version installed and youtube tutorials don't help. I don't know if its the correct file or not but everything else won't even load or say that message.
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