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  1. I disabled EmuMCC then re-enabled it....that's all I did on my switch and now the save files work perfectly each time.
  2. OK Im very very new to this. I was able to disable emuMMC, but I have no idea how to inject the normal atmosphere payload nor do I know how to enable emuMMC again. mind step by stepping that for me?
  3. I am saving as main and saving directly to the SD card in the correct folder. And I am hitting R to load the save the switch states the save was loaded. I exit home brew and go into the game but the old save is still there and loading.
  4. I'm having a hard time with restoring save files for Sword and Shield, I backup the files from the switch with checkpoint and get a main nd backup file. All the youtube videos I see only edit and move the main file. Which I do, then I boot the switch up and go into checkpoint to restore the new edited file. But when I start the game up, the file hasn't changed at all it still have the same pokemon I had before I edited. Any ideas what the issue might be?
  5. OK I don't know HOW I did it, but finally the save file I had IS WORKING on the Modded side of the switch, but that file info is NOT on the legit side of the switch. How would I get that on the legit side so some of these edited Pokemon can be traded with my daughters unhacked switch lite?
  6. I don't think I have a copy of the unedited. When going from modded to legal switch the good save is still under the legal swtch and is unedited. Is there a way to pull it from there?
  7. I am new to the PkHex community, just attempted to alter my save file with PKHex and my entire game is no gone and when I load Lets Go Pika I am back at the original title screen and picking my name again. All my progress is lost, how do I keep from this happening again when exporting saves and importing them again? I followed a youtube video about altering the save files with this to a T and somehow lost everything. Getting an error when trying to save the new game that there is an issue with the save file on the switch to restart the switch and try again.
  8. I'm new to all of this and am looking for some help in using this to save shiny max pokemon for the Lets Go series and to the Pokémon Bank for Sword and Shield. What do I need besides the software from here (3ds as I know I need a modded switch) and how would I keep my switch and 3DS from getting banned? Any and all help to this newbie would be greatly appreciated.
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