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  1. Wait a minute. Just realized .rts probably stands for real time save, so I got the wrong save file. Woops. I grabbed the emulators real time save file instead of the in-game generated save file. MY BAD.
  2. So I emulate with supercard dstwo, which comes with a DS emulator and GBA emulator. I played through fire red on the GBA emulator, then I grab the fire red save file (a .rts file) from my dstwo, and try to load it into PKHeX, and it throws me this error "Attempted to load an unsupported file type...". I tried changing the PKHeX settings to gen 3/SAV3, but same thing. I'm assuming PKHeX doesn't support this .rts file? I guess emulators don't read/write the same save files that the real devices and games do? How do I convert it or make it work? Thanks.
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