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  1. Thank you I guess this screenshot is from the projectpokemon discord where do I find this on it for later updates?
  2. Is there a new list with the Index number of the new items from the DLC? I only have one pre Patch.
  3. yes i named it main.bak because of a another save on my desktop
  4. I got it now but I cant find Alcremie in the Dens how do I know it was correct injectet?
  5. My Switch is a German one it says something happend pls close Pokemon Sword.
  6. Yeah Pkhex can open the file but the switch crashes do I need Import Blocks from folder or Import current block? after going to block key : 680EEB85 - 1037 Object is for drop_rewards AD3920F5 - 1658 Object is for dai_encount AD9DFA6A - 1664 Object is for normal_encount EFCAE04E - 2350 Object is for bonus_rewards
  7. I want to insert wild area events with the block editing option after injecting the 4 files in the MAIN save the game crashes after booting. How do I exactly inject this files? Can someone help me pls.
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