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  1. @HenboBaggins no i mean how to edit what options i have like with pkhex
  2. does any 1 know how to give yourself all ride pager pokemon ultra sun using pkhex?
  3. @theSLAYER YAY it was just that i was using a wrong version, u can lock the thread, thx for helping me when I seemed dumb af
  4. @theSLAYER can u send over ur pkhex program? Edit: im on windows 10
  5. @theSLAYER I still don't have that feature
  6. @theSLAYER I don't have this feature on my version of Pkhex, can you send me the download link so I can download the pkhex that has this section in the trainer info
  7. What do I chnage in the trainer editor, a screenshot is appreciated
  8. nothing happens, which button OT did u mean? Edit: yah ur right I figured it out, thx
  9. So I have a couple of problems, the first is when I am in pkhex and i make a pokemon "Mega" but in battle it does not actually show as mega and also i gave myself a mega ring in the beginning of the game and my mewtwo has a mega stone yet it does not allow me to mega evolve
  10. so I put the name in the OT section then is there a way for me to auto fill the TID and SID?
  11. wait a minute what kind of pkhex are u using? I don't have this feature
  12. This may be a basic question but how do I increase the attack of a pokemon. I set the ivs and evs to the highest for the attack section, yet still, the attack is maybe 200, I want maybe 300 atk. Plz help
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