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  1. also how do you stop this error ? okay so just keep the home tracker numbers at 00000000000000000 ?
  2. what exactly does this do or how is it used ? i was trying to generate a inceneroar in pk hex but I cannot pass legality check at all .. so I am unsure how to use this new update to get the gen 7 pokemon at all. I was trying to put they came from pokemon HOME so that I wouldnt have to say they were from usun / umoon but im not sure I am understanding how this is supposed to work help please ? thanks.
  3. every time I input a trainer's Id / Secret Id and OT name it gives the mon the trainers name but the ID comes out wrong every time is it a bug with the new update ? or what is it i am doing incorrectly ? help please and thank you very much.
  4. ah okay thank you very much for your explanations and your help much appreciated thanks.
  5. ah okay thanks btw does this mean anything to you? something sabersite said to me lol/ Let's go Pokemon in PKHex get exported as a file with a pb7 extension.
  6. HMM yeah that prolly wont work then ... is there ANY possible way to get an EEVEE with starter stats that you can just give the starter moves to ... that would be the best way. Currently I have a normal shiny eevee with the hacked moves but he has normal base stats which is much weaker than starter eevee.
  7. Is it possible to make an eevee that is tradeable that has the base stats of a starter eevee and a starter eevees move set ? or is there a way to hex a starter eevee that is tradeable ? Sabresite told me this. You can ask on project Pokemon for a pb7 of a starter and add it and see how the game behaves. but im not exactly sure what he means by that. He also said this. Slayer hacked starters so he has info about it too. So I am basically looking for any information I can get. Thanks for any / all info. I am also requesting one if possible.
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