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  1. God I feel dumb now LMAO...a friend told me they weren't shiny locked and I shoulda researched before SRing 600 times...welp to hope for someone to gen one or edit mine then.
  2. Hey guys! New here and managed to somehow screw up during the PKHex and homebrew setup process but now doing exams so haven't had much time to continue on setting it up. I actually was doing the SR method to attempt to get a shiny Tapu Lele, but learned it is shiny locked ingame. So I was wondering if by chance one of you could either gen a Tapu Lele or edit mine? I am able to trade a legit shiny ledian(It's my only shiny on UM) Pokemon Species: Tapu Lele Held Item: Choice Specs Level: 100 Ability: Psychic Surge Nickname (If wanted): Zero Two Trainer ID (If specific): 181130 Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Modest Pokérus Status: No Pokéball Captured In: Cherish Ball EV Stats: 4 HP / 252 SpecialAttack / 252 Speed IV Stats: All 31 Ribbons (If any): Location/Date Met: The PGL / 12/22/2018 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Friend Code (If Trading): 2895-7558-5859
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