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  1. Hi, just want to be clear about two things. 1. ONLY concerning Gen 5-7 ( gen 3 and 4 i know are a bit more complicated ), will ONLY changing the nature of a legit caught shiny Bagon for example still be legit or will it be necessary to reroll the PID of the pokemon? And what about other variables such as IV, gender etc ? 2. And in what generation did IV's stop being linked to nature etc ? I know it might have been asked before, but everywhere I try and research people have conflicting ideas. Thank you
  2. Okay, after reading everything and going through that guide... I used the Japanese wondercard in my ultra sun copy and collected the gift from the pokemon center in game. I then opened up my save in pkhex and as expected the koko was illegal. Then changed the 3ds region and country to Japan and the met location to Sun. The aim is to make it seem like I traded with someone who got the pokemon from the actual event. The legality checker does say its legal, however I just want to make 100% sure by asking someone who knows how its supposed to look.
  3. Wasn't sure if I could post on my topic from 2 days ago, so rather decided to make a new one to ask a few more questions. 1. When using the mystery gift section on pkhex to add an event pokemon to my in game boxes, is it necessary to reroll the PID and encryption constant for the pokemon to be considered legal, otherwise it would probably have exactly the same PID and EC as many people have probably used the same pokemon before. Or is it okay to have the same PID and EC since it is events ? 2. Been trying to find a clear answer everywhere on the forums about the effect that 3ds region and country will have on pokemon. For example, using the Japanese Melemele shiny Tapu Koko wonder card and injecting it into my european region 3ds and ultra sun game. Will i have to edit the pokemon's region and country of origin in pkhex and make it look like it was traded from a Japanese sun game? I understand that a pokemon generated on a european 3ds region and country will reflect that in 3ds region, sub region and country section, but when a pokemon is traded, does it retain that original information or is changed to my region etc. ? 3. And just to understand, how was the SID's determined for all those event pokemon. Sorry if the questions might be obvious, but im quite new to this and understanding all the details is quite difficult.
  4. Thanks a lot for the help, appreciate it.
  5. Ye that's exactly what I mean actually . If I made the gen 5 pokemon in ultra sun for example it would have the "hovered over" TID displayed ingame ie. 27927. While all the gen 7 pokemon will display the 6 digit TID ie. 767639 . Correct me if im wrong.
  6. Oh ok, so if i were to, hypothetically, lets say create a gen 5 pokemon and wanted it to have the exact same TID and SID as my Ultra Sun trainer i would use the "hovered over" digits.
  7. Would just like if someone could explain why there are two option for ID when hovering over TID ?
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