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  1. so me just SAVING on a us configured citra (i set it to eu now) is gucci ? and yeah guess i have to do that thanks for taking your time to help me
  2. thanks for the detailed response what do you mean with: "Also, another way to get banned is to Game Sync with different region settings. Originally, my save and 3DS was JP region, but I accidentally Game Sync'd when my device region was set to EU. That led the save being banned on PGL." you mean game syncing twice with different region settings or using your savegame and saving on 2 different region settings ? cause my citra (i just checked) is set to united states while my 3ds is in europe. Would i get banned for that ? or just if i synced my 3ds then synced again after changing my region via cfw ? Edit: also tried the caught all option in pkhex, it still checkmarks the shiny locked pokemon as seen as shiny
  3. Good Day everyone; so i recently bought a copy of ultra sun after finishing moon. Now im currently playing on citra cause it makes it easier to use pkhex and not having to copy the save files between my 3ds and my pc all the time. Now i have some question if the following things gets me banned: 1. unlocking all clothes, i did them legit on moon but cant be arsed to farm the plaza for the coins again to get ultramoon exclusive clothes 2. adding every pokemon (legality checked ofc) to the game BEFORE copying the save on my 3ds and going online for the first time - would i get a ban if i have all pokemon before doing my first game sync 3. using the "complete pokedex" option in pkhex (since it also adds seen shiny on shiny locked pokemon) 4. adding even pokemon via mystery gift databse BEFORE even going online my 3ds
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