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  1. Oh, sorry. I swear I tried googling around for a while first, but I didn't see that thread. Anyways, since this was such a recent bug, I was able to build 19.02.07 and it seems to be working without a hitch. I was able to see a modified pokemon in-game. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help resolve the bug, but be warned I'm a total noob. The furthest extent of my knowledge is modifying the GBA ASM (poorly). Most of that thread went completely over my head.
  2. Steps taken: Start up new game in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Reach a point in the game where saving is possible, and do so. Open Dolphin Memory Card Manager. Then open the memory card with the Pokemon XD save. Export the save as a GCI file. Open the GCI file in PKHeX. Things appear as they should in PKHeX. Make desired changes, or make no changes; it doesn't seem to matter. Export main to a new GCI file. Note that these files' sizes do not match. Dolphin export is 352,320 bytes. Dolphin export is 516,096 bytes. Attempt to import the new GCI file from PKHeX into Dolphin memory card. Receive error message: Failed to import "C:\Path\to\GCI\file.gci". I've attached both gci files. 01 is exported from Dolphin. 02 is exported from PKHeX. Edit: I should have mentioned that I am using version 19.03.11. 01-GXXE-PokemonXD.gci 02-GXXE-PokemonXD.gci
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