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  1. Yesterday I picked up Ultra Sun and transfered all my Pokemon from my old Sun copy to Ultra Sun. I didn't want to have to play through the game again, I just wanted to battle with the new stuff in the game. So I tinkered with my save file and gave myself max money, max item count of every item, all tms, key items and z-crystals, the stamps up to champion, and the customisation options (clothes, throwing style, etc). I also set the flag saying I was champion as true thinking it would just clear the game, in retrospect idk why I though that would work, and when it didn't I just played through the game normally. Every thing was fine except for a funny little encounter with an invisible Colress (He gave me the drives for Genesect, the game unloaded him and then the trigger for his introduction scene played, that was hilarious). I realise when I got to the e4 the first time I should unset the champion flag, and I did, and the credits rolled and everything was fine. But when the game gave me control again I noticed the objective marker for the league was still there, Rotom also said I still had to beat it. Whatever, I did the post game stuff and went back to the e4 to run through it again and it didn't go away after that either. Honestly it isn't game breaking, so I can live with the marker being there, but if I could get someone to either tell me how to fix it, or remove it themselves it'd be appriciated. My "main" file is attached. Any help is greatly appriciated. main
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