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  1. Well it has the green correct sign right next to each shiny pokemon and which details were you referring to?
  2. Oh I wasn't asking for a screenshot. I was questioning you if you wanted to see just in case if the deoxys I made was real
  3. A screenshot of the shiny deoxys that I was talking about. So I got the Shiny Mew from your website the 6iv one from the Japanese Emerald and basically changed it to Deoxys leaving most of the info untouched except for the moveset
  4. Do you mind me showing a screenshot of it?
  5. Hi, I was doing Pkhex and used the TID and SID Shiny mew from the Jap Emerald version to make a shiny deoxys and it has passed the legal isssue. Does that mean that the Shiny Deoxys is legit even though the met date is from 9/11/2017?
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