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  1. Got it, I'm going to try this method for my Moon version, and for my Sun version I'm going to replace my entire save with JKSM. I just can't find the import button into JKSM I Did it, thanks!
  2. Anyway, I already saved my Ultra SUN save, with JKSM, what sould I Do next? How do I upload that save with 800 pokémons into my game?
  3. Ok then I'm going to edit with PKHeX(20190207) I Changed Traineer Name Country SubRegion SID - random numbers TID - Random Numbers Can I change Game Sync ID to random Numbers? Is PKSM Better and Safier?
  4. I'm going to upload this one Into my pokémon ULTRA SUN game, Am I going to replace my character? Is there a problem uploading this save into my 3ds ? Thank you
  5. How can I upload a SAVE into my 3DS? Is there a tutorial somewere? As I said, I have FBI and HOMEBREW installed. Could I get banned, I love to play competitive
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/3DS/comments/at36gl/i_lost_all_my_pok%C3%A9mons_from_pok%C3%A9mon_bank/ Hi I've just lost all my pokémons. I want then back, is there a way to upload a save file from another 3ds? I have Pokémon Ultra sun, Pokémon OR and Pokémon X/Y I just want my pokémons back, Is there a way to edit pokémons into my 3ds or upload someones save? I have homebrew and FBI.
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