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  1. thanks a million, thought i messed up pkhex. didn't realize you could switch the settings like that.
  2. I have no idea I just wanted to edit the shiny tapu bulu moveset.. I went to load the file I downloaded from this site and it gave me that conversion error. im clueless as to why it needs to convert anything at all. I haven't done anything but get the newest version of pkhex. tried to load my other pkhex files that I downloaded from this site and custom shinies of my own and they gave the same message @theSLAYER
  3. So im not very pkhex savy or anything, recently downloaded the newest version, and now when I try to load a saved pokemon sprite or whatever it gives me a conversion error. which has never happened. it says cannot convert pk7 to pb7. is there a fix? ive modded quite a few pokemon already and would hate to lose that data..
  4. Sweet. Thanks man. I think I hit the auto relearn moves but it thought it was the event So it didn't input any moves. I manually set the relearn moves and it was legal.
  5. I can change it to pokeball and its legal. but s soon as its a beast ball its illegal. happened with every lution I tried. 134 ★ - Vaporeon - CC11C32B05BD.pk7
  6. So while using pkhex with an updated version as of 2/18/19 and it's illegal to have an eevee bred in a beast ball. Any fixes or anyone else having this problem?
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