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  1. I have CFW installed on my 3ds. "you could just drag those mons into the 3DS save, the re-import it on the 3DS." meaning put my save on the PC move the mons to that save and then back to my 3ds??
  2. ow ok. its no big issue. I just have a bunch of pokemon on citra i wanted to send/trade to my 3ds and i stumbled on that method. Is there a better method out there? P.s thanks for the quick replies.
  3. whenever i want to load the jar files i keep getting errors. i have the latest java installed a well
  4. hi guys, i hope i'm in the right forum to post this. I want to transfer my pokemon to my 3ds but i cant seem to find the application servepkx anywhere to download. https://github.com/FlagBrew/servepkx is there anyone who has the app who can share it with me. Thank you.
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