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  1. Thanks for clarifying that out both of you. You've been a great help. I don't wanna be sending people potentially illegal pokemon. Thanks again.
  2. The reason why I changed it to viridian city as it won't give a suggested prompt if the location is ok according to pkhex. So going by what you said, if I encounter the legendary birds flying over Route 2 then will they be that low level (level 3 instead of level 50)?? Also any reason why some pokemon flag up as shiny encounter mismatch whilst others don't if caught in pokemon go park complex?
  3. Since the 2nd December update I get a suggested met location of Route 2 and met level of 3 for legendary birds. I have uploaded the image. Also all my Pokemon Go park complex pokemon are recommended to be met at level 1. Is that ok game wise? And some show up fine as shiny from pokemon Go complex and other have shiny encounter mismatch error.
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