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  1. Hello, please delete if not allowed or in the wrong forum. I don't have a homebrewed Switch so I was wondering if there is a place where I can buy or mail in my SP or BD to get full items and pokemon, the reason why I ask is because there was and there still is ppl on Ebay who offer said service for pokemon sun/moon or ultra sun/moon, all i see is ppl selling individual pokemon for SP and BD. Thanks in advance. G. V.
  2. Hello, after few years of non playing moon and sun (since 2018) and realizing that one of my 3ds is still capable of homebrew plus the ability of transferring Pokemon to Pokemon Home I decided to start playing the games again, I came across several of my old "main" saved files, one of them has the entire pokedex and good pokemon but most of them have "Incorrectly transferred from previous generation" error, is that something that I should be worried if I want to transfer them to Pokemon Home? (I must say that I'm a novice with PKHexis when it comes to changing pokemon stats or correnting errors), is that an easy fix? Thanks in advance.
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