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  1. Let me ask you this then if I was to do it to one in tendo switch so I can make pokemon and use it to trade to another 1 will they both get badd? What would happen
  2. 1st off I'm using speech to text on my cell phone. So I've been reading a what I'm assuming is the tool is multi universal that you have to download it works for pokemon let's go if I'm correct then all I have to do is download the tool if there is a walkthrough or a page that I need to read ahead at time please point me at the link so I can read it I've been going through and far as I'm understanding that the tool is now working for pokemon let's go I have to extract the save on us be download the tool my laptop install it and in the say file is what the tool needs to read if that's correct cool only thing I'm wanting to do is give myself some rare candies that's it. If I'm in wrong about any of this please point me at the correct links or any videos that you have on how to use the tool properly thank you.
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