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  1. Upon opening the Inventory Editor the program gives an alert saying "The following items have been removed from the [item] pouch" and proceeds to list all items that were in the pouch when I loaded the save file. It seems like this bug only affects the Balls and KeyItems pouches. The save file I am using is for Silver version so I cannot confirm whether or not this affects Gold and Crystal saves as well (though I presume it would).
  2. Does anyone know if there are any Gen II save editors that allow modification of the HoF data? If not, are the offsets of this data in the save file known by anyone?
  3. I have an Espeon with Reflect which comes up as an invalid move despite it being able to learn it in R/G/B/Y via TM. I've attached the Pokemon and save files. 196 - ESPEON - 1694.pk2 Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe).sa1
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