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  1. okay thanks man i will try that. thanks for helping so much
  2. i used an older version for my brother and sister's and it worked fine without me having to delete secure value. which version has this as an option because i used 2016's version of JKSM for my brothers and sisters but still didn't work for mine
  3. I haven't seen the option on any of the JKSM and checkpoint versions I've used. Where can i find it because all it says is restore
  4. Thats exactly what I'm saying, i don't understand what's going on. PkHex opens it perfectly fine and I've tried checkpoint and JKSM and its just refusing to get rid of the corruption message. its so depressing
  5. Thanks for the reply i will try this asap. I have tried these already but i will retry again.
  6. Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone could help me as have modified my save data but when i restore it, my game starts up and says the save data is corrupted, i have tried using checkpoint, JKSM and and older version of it. In addition my brother and sisters games worked fine but when i tried to modify my cartridge one it corrupted? i have included the main file also. Can someone please help me find out why it keeps corrupting i don't see anything wrong with the file and it opens fine in PKHeX main
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