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  1. Hi folks, Is there a way to edit a Platinum ROM to make wild pokemon appear with a minimum of 3 random 31 IVs? And there's a way to change the breeding system to the USUM system? Thanks in advance!
  2. Can you post the MET tab here afterwards? I would appreciate that.
  3. Thanks for the help guys, but now I'm confused, it's 10/09/2011 or 05/04/2014? Another situation: I have a pkm hatched in Black with MET DATE and DATE (egg) in 10/09/2011. When I transfer it to Y in 05/04/2014, how that MET tab in @Poke J post gonna be like? And then if I transfer to USUM, how it's gonna be like?
  4. Hi folks, I have a doubt regarding PkHex and the "MET DATE" of transferred Gen III & IV to USUM: 1) If I transfer a pkm from Emerald/Platinum to Black in 10/09/2011, and then from Black to Y in 05/04/2014, wich "MET DATE" the pkm will have when I transfer from Y to Ultra Sun in 16/06/2018? 10/09/2011, 05/04/2014 or 16/06/2018?
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