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  1. It's me again, sorry for bothering. The answer it's simple: how do I add (i mean, in terms of writting/estructure/etc) a path in the savpaths.txt file? I've trying a lot of different structures and orders, even reading the files on GitHub, but still can't find out. What do I have to write in this txt file (and in what order) to set a new custom path? Could anyone give me an example?
  2. Oh, it was so simple!! Thank you for the answer!
  3. Hello! I've searching but found nothing about this so: There's a way to filter (with the advanced filter) the pokemon from the DB by Pokerus? If they have it or no, or it is healed. Sorry, I don't speak english very well.
  4. Didn't know that, thanks anyway! Just found how to erase the Alola Form from search results and it's enough for me xD Amazing program BTW, I love it and use it all the time! Great work.
  5. Hello! I made a search and didn't find any thread about this issue. I made an advanced search in de PKMN DB and noticed that the Alola Forms appear as first when I search by DebutGeneration. There's any way to fix this? Thanks!
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