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  1. Unfortunately I'm sitting here kicking myself. I only figured out how to homebrew my DS yesterday, and today PKHeX crashed, which corrupted the save I was working on. I'm planning on having a flash drive with several backups from this point on, because I just *despise* Alola in everything it is. But thanks so much for the link, I'll see what I can find.
  2. So I was messing with PKHeX and managed to corrupt my save file. So I desperately need a save file for a female trainer at the end of the game. Obviously I can use Hex to change the trainer's name and starter and all that, but I am *not* doing this alola intro again. Because I will want to die. If someone is willing to pass me a UM save file for a female trainer named Isabel with tan skin who used Rowlet as the starter, I would tip my hat to you.
  3. I'm losing my damn mind. Clefable, originating from Leaf Green so as to learn Soft-Boiled. I've tried every mixture of names under the sun. From John to Jebediah. I keep getting this. lmao
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