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  1. My name is Thanatos-Zero. I am a Pokemon fan since the very first 2 Generations, but lost interrest in the new gen games, due the loss of bulk in the following pokemon games. Now I tried to rekindle my interrest with Pokemon Moon and Ultra Sun, but I lost once more interrest due how forced the distribution events feel. It is like I am no longer allowed to take my time into approaching games. And because of that I simple stopped playing. In any case, I have joined you so I may find ease again to do things slowly my way, without 1. To grind needlessly, 2. to adhere myself to time limits in RL and 3. that I do not waste time to get the Egg seed for RNG manipulation as well to get the whole Egg Shiny Value done. With that said and to come straight to business, what hard- and software do I need for my humble ol' Nintendo 2DS to get things working?
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