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  1. Hello, i'got on the website a good save of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The problem is the language of the save and is english, so i'go in trainer info i'put my language i'save the save, i're open the saved save for see if that save all modification and yes now the save is in my new language. The problem is when i'restore the save in my switch with Checkpoint, the language is still in english. Help me please Thanks for your anwser
  2. Probably but i'think is not rarely but a bug on a stats on the Hoopa, on Youtube you can see some lives who they gives like 200 shiny Hoopa
  3. I'have a question about him All know this pokemon is not legit but in battle i'see rarely a hoopa shiny but when i'see a hoopa shiny, just how they can get a hoopa shiny and play it in online (the player was vs me) So my question is how they can get a not legit Pokemon (Hoopa Shiny) in online ?
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