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  1. I'll try transfering a clone with pokehex and the other between retail games then i'll compare the two, just to see if there is any difference in the trash bytes.
  2. Can someone explain to me how to migrate a pokemon from emerald to USUM using pkhex? Also does that make the pokemon illegal? i read that the process generates invalid trash bytes, is that the truth?
  3. hi everyone, i'd like to shiny hunt for lugia, ho-ho and possibly celebi on crystal virtual console. I think i will try using lua bots on an emulator but i'm too lazy to start the game from the beginning. If anyone has a save file without the legendaries caught can you share it with me?
  4. I don't know if this is the correct place where to post this, i'm sorry if it isn't but i didn't know where exactly to post. Basically lately i've begun RNG abusing and a question suddenly popped up in my mind: is there an actual difference between the PID and EC generation between pkhex and the actual games? i mean: does pkhex use the same process as the games to generate PID and EC? Keep in mind that i don't really understand how these things work, i imagine that there must be a formula/algorithm at the basis of the generation process.
  5. Are you talking about unchecking event flags?I thought it was dangerous, won’t that mess my game data?
  6. As the title suggests i need save files for x,y,oras, SuMo and USUM. I need them right before fighting the legendary or at least with no legendary caught. Can someone help me? In case anyone is wondering, i need them to RNG abuse some legendaries.
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