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Hi, I know I haven't had an about myself for a long time, but this time I'm going to do it. I have been a new member of ProjectPokémon for years, even so I am a very fan of Pokémon and knowing several Pokémon I have even made some favorites, and these are:


Mew, My Favorite Pokémon


Celebi, My 2nd Favorite Pokémon


Victini, My 3rd Favorite Pokémon


Manaphy, My 4th Favorite Pokémon


And Jirachi, My 5th Favorite Pokémon



Well, once I told you about some of my favorite Pokémon (since the Pokémon I mentioned are Legendary), I can also do various gadgets like help make codes (ActionReplay), make modifications, and others more... and the most important thing is to support this Pokémon fan page

But rarely these (Pokémon), they are not my Favorite Characters, my Favorite character is Kirby as it is there:




And yet my favorite image of Kirby and Pokémon is this:


Image By littlemissKirby


They are the same Kirbys but version Mew, Celebi and Jirachi, They still know how to say "Poyo, Poyo, Poyo!" because they are Kirbys, but they are still very rare Pokémon, don't you think?



Even so, I have already planned (in my opinion) what the nicknames will be for the Legendary Pokémon from the first to the fifth generation and these are:

1st Gen - Kanto

Articuno: Anivia
Zapdos: Hipogrifo
Moltres: Phoenix
Mewtwo: Frieza
Mew: Kirby

2nd Gen - Johto

Raikou: Zinogre
Entei: Mufasa
Suicune: Aurora
Lugia: Wyvern
Ho-Oh: Dyna Blade
Celebi: Ribbon

3rd Gen - Hoenn

Regirock: Goliath
Regice: Cirno
Registeel: Wolverine
Latias: Pucca
Latios: Garu
Kyogre: The Meg
Groudon: Godzilla
Rayquaza: Shen Long
Jirachi: Luma
Deoxys: Cell

4th Gen - Sinnoh

Uxie: X
Mesprit: White Mage
Azelf: Green Lantern
Dialga: Time Eater
Palkia: Alphamon
Heatran: Natsu Dragneel
Regigigas: Reggie
Giratina: Exdeath
Cresselia: NiGHTS
Phione: Clione
Manaphy: Bubbles
Darkrai: Antasma
Shaymin: Amy
Arceus: Amaterasu

5th Gen - Unova

Victini: Bunnicula
Cobalion: Athos
Terrakion: Porthos
Virizion: Aramis
Tornadus: Fujin
Thundurus: Raiden
Reshiram: Drogon
Zekrom: Rhaegal
Landorus: Aeolus
Kyurem: Viserion
Keldeo: Little Pony
Meloetta: Susie
Genesect: War Machine


You can follow Me on:

YouTube (Master Kirby)

DeviantArt (Masterkirby1982)

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