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  1. I've been trying to make a hack of Black 2 that just has some upgrades to Trainers, encounters, and some abilities, stats, and movepools. I've been following KazoWar's videos on how to edit the trainers, and using ANDT, and prc_bw2, along with BWTE v2 to make my edits. Everything works fine unless I change the amount of Pokemon any trainer has. Doing this causes the game to crash occasionally when run and it ruins the encounter data for most routes (for example, putting the water encounters into the grass encounter slots for that route). It also messes up what Pokemon trainers have, with many of them seeming to have random Pokemon with random levels and movesets (though I suspect this is a result of existing data getting jumbled together somehow). The more times I mess with the amount of Pokemon trainers have, the more offset everything gets, so I assume that somehow it isn't accommodating for the increased size of the trdata and trpoke narc files. Am I missing something here? Here is a screen cap of what happened when I made some trainer have 5 Pokemon instead of 2. I was also sure to fill in data (ie species, moves, etc) for the trainer's Pokemon. Thanks!