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  1. Nitro82


    I have a shiny lvl. 1 Manaphy and it says invalid because Ability does not match ability number and I switched to all 3 abilities and all say the same thing when before latest update it Was Legal. What is wrong??
  2. Nitro82

    Gen 7 Save

    Version 1.0.4


    All Pokemon Gen 1.-7 Perfect IV's, non EV trained, Lvl. 1 male except 100% female, lowest evolutuon, ALL Legendary & Mythical's & event pokemon, Shiny high IV Wish Chansey, Max IV Shiny Mew, Celibi, Lvl. 1 Manaphy, In Game Darkrai, Shaymin. Max IV Shiny XD Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, ALL LEGAL POKEMON! Organized by Region, Starters & Legendary's!! main
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