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  1. I figured out the problem. it was a new registredrd pokémon in the game which was in my party. pkhex coudn't register it, so the file couln't boot up. I got it working now.
  2. I have ultra moon myself but I downloaded Pokémon star because its a completle diffrent game, can I stil play that ROM on 3ds than?
  3. I'm having problems with skipping the Alola photo club in the pokémon star ROM hack. when I try to edit the event flag, but it keeps saying that my main file is "unsupported". is this a problem with the hack, my main file, or can pkhex not handle with it? Many pokétubers are able to skip past it so I just don't know what i'm doing wrong. if pkhex isn't a solution, what else can I use to skip past? this is my main file so if anything is wrong please tell me. main