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  1. I dont know but it this first time i seen a event Pokemon was able to be traded same day as release so heads up you can trade this to anyone ^^
  2. Card # 0651 - Dazzling Shiny Zygarde!.wc7
  3. I got it already as i have EU cart how do i post it i have my pkhex
  4. Thank you very much
  5. hello nice to have you am the same i always around i dont post alot but am around
  6. oh i see so you have to reroll the encrytion constant very wierd that last Pkhex build didnt flag it
  7. Well Today i finally updated my Pkhex to the latest build an am having some errors with Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon when i loaded my Pk7 files will show before an after the old Build to the new Build i dont know whats the problem now but its being flagged as illegal in the latest update