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  1. Thanks for taking the time. I haven't looked into it, yet, but is there a reputable guide for the flash cart method?
  2. Do I still need a DS system? The guide I'm reading doesn't mention a flash cart (https://3ds.guide/).
  3. Thanks for the response back. That's the guide I was glancing through earlier today. I'll look into it a bit more tonight. I'm sure I'll answer my own question, but do I still need to purchase some sort of game? Edit: Oh boy, also need 2 systems now. This requires a lot more reading.
  4. Greetings, everyone. A couple of years ago I use to gen some Pokemon. I stepped away from the series, but this past holiday I was gifted with the latest game (Pokemon Ultra Sun). I see that the game has changed, so I'm looking to get back on board (my previous 3DS, which had all my old data and Pokemon is unfortunately unusable). What is the preferred method these days when it comes to gen? My firmware is unfortunately 11.6, and from what I understand about Homebrew is that you need a certain game to be able to install it onto systems with 11.6. I also don't believe you can download old
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