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  1. That was exactly what I needed. It works perfect, alone, as mentioned above, I can not play the games on the TV screen but hey, thanks for your answers.
  2. This is my cartridge, i think is problem of emulation, but i want use the pokémon box as "pokébank" only for complet the pokedex easily.
  3. I have decided to use Gamecube with a chip and I have eliminated the saved game. That way if I can play quietly with the Ruby or Sapphire cartridges, but when saving, turn off the consoles and turn on again, the following message appears.
  4. I clarify The game boy cartridges are original. The Pokémon box is rom on a Wii. Both NTSC. Does anyone know if it has an anti-piracy lock?
  5. Does anyone have an idea why, when using the Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, does not my cartridge recognize me ???
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