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  1. @theSLAYER You have officially become my new spirit animal. It worked! Thanks a ton bro. The June 30 2016 release of JKSM fixed everything!
  2. Hey @theSLAYER My SoundHax version 11.3 running on the 11.2.0-35U o3ds . Any idea which version of JKSM I should be trying? I'm about to start the process of elimination lol Thanks man.
  3. My Entrypoint is Hax based and Checkpoint doesn't support that one unfortunately.
  4. I'm using the 11/17 version with new support for USUM. I'm assuming I can't use Checkpoint SM since it's not supported by Hax. PkHex reads it perfectly fine, but I'm getting the corrupt error message on my cartridge. Even backups of original imports come up as corrupted. I don't know if JKSM deletes the secure value, but so far, no Save Manager has been working for me
  5. I've downloaded Checkpoint and attempted to use it, but it never loads up my games. I heard it's supposed to take a while at first to load, but after a half hour, still no titles show up. Needless to say, my luck isn't working out with Checkpoint
  6. Hey guys, So I researched online a bit before making a post and everyone seems to have experienced it and yet no one seems to have a straight fix for it ( every instance has been a random fix specific to users) USUM has an obvious anti hacking feature that displays "save data is corrupted" upon import of the new file. I'm personally loading SoundHax on an o3ds with the newest version of HBL. (Note: this isn't the 3DS I play my Ultra Sun file on). I'm using the latest JKSM to import my files. Both the edited files going in are read as corrupt, as well as the backups I've created of the original save. Any help would be immensely appreciated guys.
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