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  1. In BW2 the Yancy/Curtis's in-game trades are flagged as illegal "Invalid: Ingame trade invalid index?". The meowth uploaded is an example but if you need, I can post all the Yancy's trades. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/In-game_trade#Generation_V 052 - Meowth - 819C9B7B9C8D.pk5
  2. I checked with PKHeX some of my old Soul Silver's saves, and I found some pokémon caught in the Safari Zone Gate flagged as illegal (Encounter Type - See EXEGGCUTE 2014). For this reason I have recaught a Pokémon there and I have seen that PKHeX flagged as illegal (Encounter Type - See EXEGGCUTE 2017). Then I have tried to make it legal (See EXEGGCUTE 2014 Edited), so I have understood that PKHeX considers Safari Zone Gate's legality as Encounter Type "Buildings" but it isn't really legal because when I caught a pokèmon there the Encounter Type is "None". EXEGGCUTE 2014.pk4 EXEGGCUTE 2017.pk4 EXEGGCUTE 2014 Edited.pk4
  3. No, i catched it in White 2, in the Bulbapedia link that i attached there are in the bottom (in the section Special Pokémon, above Terrakion) the two special Amoongus at Lv 47, so i think that these special pokémon are missing in PkHeX's database.
  4. The two special Amoonguss (catched at lv 47) are flagged illegal but they are obtainable legally in Route 22 https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Unova_Route_22#Pok.C3.A9mon 591 - Amoonguss - 9081BE15EE87.pk5