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  1. So when the fires struck in Northern California I lost my 3ds and with it my entire childhood, I played Pokemon since I could understand how to hold the system and for about 15~ years I've been transferring Pokemon to the newest system. When the poke bank happened I didn't trust it because I did t know if I could access it outside of my system if I lost it so I never stored anything on it. So I kept every Pokemon, a complete national pokedex and every event I could get to in North America since I was like 9. I know I can't get that back and I've made piece with that, but I now want to as legitimately as possible get back if nothing else the most recent event legendaries so I can start to rebuild my pokedex quite literally from the ashes... I don't need anything to extreme like a finished pokedex or anything, I just need someway to get at least these re released legendaries so I can recapture what of my childhood I lost. (Ps if anyone could also tell me how to utilize a game save, my friend bought me an r4 card and told me that if I needed any Pokemon or something that I could ask on this site to try to get help)
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